Attested copies of the following certificates / documents must be attached to the Admission Form:
1.  Detailed Marks Certificate  / Provisional Certificate of the last examination passed by the candidate.
2.  Date of Birth Certificate.
3.  Character Certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended.
4.  In  case  of  an  applicant  belonging  to Scheduled  Caste  /  Tribes  or  Backward Classes, a certificate issued to that effect from a competent authority.
5.  A  Certificate/document  for  claim  to reservation  of  seats  under  any  other special category.
6.  Three latest passport size photograph to be pasted on the Admission form.
The candidate from a University other than Panjab University is required to supply the following additional documents.
•   Original D.M.C. issued by the University/ Board.
•   Eligibility  Certificate  from  the  Registrar, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
•   Inter University Migration Certificate.
•   A  declaration  that  she  has  not  been disqualified by any University / Board.

•    The  candidate  must  present  herself  for interview between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the admission days, instructions in this regard shall be put up on the college Notice Board.
•    Students are admitted to the college on the basis of merit, and an interview conducted by the Admission Committee.
•    Original Certificates/Documents must be produced at the time of the interview.
• The  college  reserves  the  right  to  refuse admission  to  any  applicant  without assigning any reason.
•    All admissions will be provisional and are subject  to  the  approval  of  the  Panjab University, Chandigarh.
•    An  applicant  who  has  been  granted admission must deposit necessary dues on the same day, failing which the admission will stand cancelled.
•    Candidates  disqualified  by  any  other University/Board shall not be admitted to the college.
•    For admission, fraction of marks less than the  requisite  percentage  would  not  be rounded  off  to  the  advantage  of  the
candidates i.e. 39.9% shall not be rounded off to 40%.
•    The College reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning any reason.


• Candidates who have a gap of one year or more  between  passing  of  the  last examination  and  the  admission  being sought now by them are required to furnish an affidavit attested by the Magistrate 1st Class to the effect that the applicant was not involved in any offence/unlawful activities during the gap years.
• An affidavit in duplicate by each candidate having gap year seeking admission to the College to the effect that she was not disqualified by any Board/Body/Council/University and she was not already registered with the Panjab University (wherever applicable), must be submitted to the College before admission. In case the candidate was disqualified, the period of disqualification, should be indicated by the candidate in the said affidavit. No candidate will be admitted under any circumstances during the disqualification period. In case of re-admission after a long spell, the candidate must quote her old Registration Number (PUPIN) of Panjab University, Chandigarh.
•    The college will not be responsible if at any stage the University does not approve of the admission of the candidate due to any reason such as making some incorrect or incomplete  statements,  concealing  any necessary  facts  or  submitting  false / incomplete documents, etc. No claim for refund  of  fee  on  this  account  shall  be entertained. All admissions made are subject to approval of the Panjab University, Chandigarh and according to eligibility criteria laid down by it.


The College follows the reservation policy framed by the Panjab University/ Chandigarh Administration. Reservations in seats for admission, wherever applicable, for the following categories of students exist in the College.
• Scheduled castes/ Scheduled Tribes.
• Dependents of Defence/Para Military Personnel, etc.
• Physically/Visually handicapped persons.
• Children and Grand Children of Freedom Fighters.
• Sportswomen.
• Dependants of victims of terrorist Violence in Punjab and Chandigarh, 1984 riots.
• Widow/ Divorced women.
• Special concessions for wards of Kashmiri displaced persons:
a) 5% weight age in marks.
b) 5% increase in intake, subject to maximum of 3 seats in all courses.

Additional Seat, for Single Girl Child and Cancer / Aids Patient, J&K Students

Two additional seats per unit per course subject to maximum limit of IV out of the two girl children from the session 2015-16 are created for admission to a given course in the Panjab University, Teaching departments, regional centres and its affiliated colleges provided they are otherwise eligible from all angles. The additional seats will be only for those girl childrens who are either a single girl child of her parents or one amongst the two girl children with no male child. The additional seat will be available to only one of the two girl children of a couple.
An affidavit on a stamp paper worth Rs. 20/- duly attested hereby I st class Magistrate is to be submitted by the parents of the girl child at the time of admission declaring therein that the benefit of this scheme is being claimed for only one girl child out of the two girl children and paernt shall not claim the same for the second girl child elsewhere in future.
An additional seat each for Cancer, AIDS and Thalassemia patient is available in all the courses for an eligible candidate.
Two seats under supernumerary(additional)quota have been created for students from Jammu and Kashmir, as a part of the special scholarship scheme for Jammu and Kashmir.

Two Additional Seats for Rural Area Students

• Only those candidates will be considered in this category, which have passed their Matriculation and +2 examination from those rural schools that do not fall in the area of Municipal Corporation/Municipal Committee/Small Town/Notified Area. Further, the candidates should have been studying in such school for atleast five years before passing the last examination. A candidate claiming such benefit will have to produce a certificate from the D.E.O./Principal of the concerned institute of the area certifying that the shool from where the candidate has passed the Matriculation and +2 examination, falls withing the aforesaid rural area.

One Additional seat for Border Area students

• The Border area students shall mean those candidates who have passed their matriculation and +2 examination from the Border Area Schools situated within 20 kilometres from the international border. A candidate claiming such benefit will have to produce a certificate from the Tehsildar or the Principal/Headmaster/Head of the School certifying that the School from where the candidate has passed the matriculation or+2 examination, falls within the aforesaid Border area.


The following is the criteria of reservation of seats, wherever applicable:-
• For U.T. Pool Candidates: 85%
• For General Pool Candidates: 15%

Admission after Re-Evaluation

Admission of students whose results are revised as a consequence of re-evaluation or otherwise late declaration of result, can be made only if:
1) Seats are available
2) Candidate is higher in merit than the candidate in waiting list.
3) The request is made before the last date for late admission with the prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor as already laid down.
The following Rule in the P.U. Cal. Vol. Ill, 2005 at page 398 will be followed in case of re-evaluation cases:
"If as a result of Re-evaluation, a candidate passes at the examination, she shall be eligible to seek admission to the next higher class within ten working days of the communication of re-evaluation result to her. Her attendance shall be counted from the date of her admission. However, no candidate would be granted admission on the basis of re-evaluation result after 31 st December of the academic session. In the case of admission to a course having Semester Exam, the date will be October 15." In the case of late declaration of results due to any reason other than re-evaluation : That in the case of Panjab University students who had already appeared in any of its examinations and the result was declared late for one reason or the other, while they were in the midway of the course/class, the admission to the next class/ course be allowed within 10 days from the date of declaration of the result, without any late fee but not later than 31st December of the academic session. Inthe case of admission to a course having Semester Exam, the date will be October 15.


Students migrating from a college affiliated to any University to a college affiliated to the Panjab University, Chandigarh must note the following:
I       A student will not be admitted to the same course unless she submits:
a)     A  Migration  Certificate  from  the University concerned.
b)     The lower examination pass certificate and   the   result   of   the   House Examination taken if any.
c)     A lecture statement from the college she migrates from, if during the session.
d)     Original  D .M .C .  issued  by  the University/ Board.
e)     Eligibility certificate from the Registrar, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
II      Migration  of  the  student  from  the professional college   to this college and vice versa is not permissible.
III    Migration will not be permitted if the combination of the subjects offered by the  student  does  not  tally  with  the combination of the subjects allowed in this college.
IV    A college is entitled to a tuition fee for the month in which the migration is sanctioned and the college from which she migrates is not entitled to charge fee for the fraction of that month.
V    Migration shall not be allowed after the expiry  of  the  last  date  of  receipt  of admission   of the annual examination without late fee.
VI   The migration shall be allowed only if the applicant is eligible for admission to the course under the Panjab University regulations.
VII  When the migration of the student has been allowed, she must join the new college within  15 days otherwise the migration  shall  automatically  stand cancelled.
VIII Mid  term  migration  from  any  other University is not allowed.
IX   Migration fee as per University Rules shall  be  charged  from  every  student coming from another University.
X    Local migration is not allowed.
XI No migration shall be allowed in a Post Graduate course from a College affiliated to another University.

Migration/Deficient Subject/s

A candidate who has passed her 1st year or 2nd  year  examination  of  BA/BCom/BCA Course  conducted  by  another  University/
College  affiliated  to  another  University  in India  under  specific  authorization  by  the University concerned, be allowed to migrate to a college affiliated to this University in the 2nd year/3rd year class of the respective course (as  per rules prescribed under Chapter XIV -    'Migration of Student' Page 247 to 262 of P.U. Calendar Volume-III, 2009) on the condition that such a candidate will have to clear the    deficient subject/s if any, within the permissible chances .

If the candidate is being admitted in the 2nd year of BA/BCom/BCA, she will have to clear the deficient subject/s of 1st year and 2nd year of BA/BCom/BCA as the case maybe.Admission Committee will certify on the Admission form regarding ‘No Deficient Subject'.
Admission for Foreign Students. • Admission of the foreign students to the College will be governed by the Guidelines issued by the Dean Foreign Students, PU. • Eligibility Certificate from Panjab University must be furnished by all the foreign students without which their application for admission will not be considered. • All the foreign students are required to produce Student Visa, Resident Permit and Passport at the time of admission.


•   Permission of Vice-Chancellor is necessary for admission after the expiry of the last date. However, the students may be admitted, provisionally at their own risk and responsibility, subject  to  the  approval  of  the  late  admission  by  the  Vice-Chancellor  and  conveyed  to College/Deptt. by the University.

•    A candidate whose result of +2 examination conducted by a School Board is declared late, but not later than 10th August 2016, may be admitted without late fee within 15 working days of the declaration of the result and her attendance shall be counted from the date of actual admission. This would be applicable to an Open School Board also. After expiry of this period, the late admission approval from the Vice-Chancellor is required.

•   In  the  case  of  Panjab  University  students  who  have  already  appeared  in  any  of  its examinations and the result is declared late for one reason or the other, the admission cannot be said to be a case of fresh admission. They are already midway of the course/class. In their case, admissions to the next class/course shall be allowed within 10 days from the date of declaration of the result without charging any late fee.

•   If a candidate makes a wrong or incomplete statement or conceals some necessary facts or attaches false or incomplete documents, her admission shall be cancelled and no claim for the refund of fee shall be entertained.

  • A candidate who has been placed under compartment in the +2 examination conducted by a Board / Body / Council / University in India shall be eligible to seek admission in the I st year of B.A. course under 10+2+3 system of education provided she fulfils the following conditions:-

•  A candidate should have been placed in compartment in one subject only.
•   A candidate should have obtained at least 20% marks in the subject in which she has been placed in compartment (theory and practical taken together).
•   A candidate should have obtained 33% in the aggregate of all the subjects (including the marks obtained by her in the subject of compartment) taken by her in the +2 examination.
•  The candidates securing less than 20% marks in the subject of compartment at the +2 examination be made eligible to join B.A. /B.Com. part-l courses, if they cleared their compartment subject/s in the Supplementary Examination in July/August, on or before the last date for admission with late fee with the permission of the Vice-Chancellor, provided the seat/s is are available
•  The eligibility of the candidate to be determined on the basis of DMC of March examination (i.e 20% marks in compartment in one subject only). As the examination of the 1st semester conduct by the PSEB in September every year and those candidates who placed under compartment appear in the March examination along with 2nd semester and according to March DMC, candidate to be declared according to the following Regulations:
a ) She should has been placed compartment in one subject only i.e. either in first semester or second semester;
b ) She should have obtained at least 20% marks (Theory + practical + internal assessment) in the subject in which she has been placed in compartment;
c ) She should have obtained the requisite percentage of marks in the aggregate (Theory + Practical + Internal assessment) of examination as laid down in the relevant regulations;
d ) The candidate securing less than 20% marks in the subject in which she has been placed in compartment at the +2 examination under semester System shall not be eligible to seek admission to the first year of B.A./ B.Com/BCA course/s.
• Special chance benefit give only those candidates whose earlier eligible for admission i.e. she obtained the 20% marks in the compartment subject & she placed under compartment in one subject only according to DMC of March examination. A student of any other University, who is placed in the compartment in 1st / 2nd year of B.A./BCA/B.Com Course will not be allowed to join the 2nd year/3 rd year of this University.

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