Dear Students

The Sikh Educational Society is resolutely committed in offering to the students the privilege and opportunity of higher education. Our aim is to motivate the young minds to right thinking and purposeful action for both leadership and engaged citizenship. Mindful that education serves society, the S.E.S continually examines its practices to ensure that its efforts and results effectively contribute to the common good.

We constantly seek to strengthen the Guru Gobind Singh College for Women. Our endeavor is to support the college's most essential requirements, equip its faculty, update facilities and sustain endowments. Our mission of educating young women is driven from a powerful conviction that women can and should make a difference to the world at large. Guru Gobind Singh College for Women is a pioneer in educating women in an academic environment wherein women develop their talents, and make excellent preparation for wholesome roles in different walks of life. The college's salubrious environment contributes in fostering confidence, decent leadership and a very high academic success among its students.

I welcome you all to join this campus and assure that GGSCW will uphold its distinct mission long into the future.

S.Gurdev Singh Brar, I.A.S (Retd.)


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